About us

We are beekeepers, we know bees. Ethical Honey was born from of a eight year social project of raising awareness of the importance of bees.  You may also know us as Melbourne City Rooftop Honey. We've passionately flown the flag for bees in Melbourne in hope of creating a greener, more sustainable city for us all.

Ethical Honey has grown out of a concern for not only the treatment of bees, also the beekeepers by ensuring they get a fair price for their honey. The bees that produce our honey are respected and cared for in a way they deserve.

We know that you care about what you are eating, therefore we've searched far and wide to find delicious honey - carefully selected from only the best sources for a great tasting product.

  • We ensure that the bees get to eat their own honey & not being fed sugar syrup.
  • Our honey is 100% pure honey, collected straight from hives over the Australian beekeeping season. 
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