Our Honey

We've taken the hard work out of selection and bring you the finest honey from hives in the state of Victoria, over the Australian beekeeping season. 

Our honey is 100% pure honey, raw, non heat treated, simply mesh filtered. Packed with all the goodness that honey has to offer. Just as nature intended. 

Each beekeeping season we'll present the best of two that we have sourced. Easy for your tastebuds, fair on your wallet too!

Based around simplicity with no compromise of quality

Just like for example a fine wine, it's personal, It can be complicated, although does not have to be - which do you prefer? 

  • Dark Honey • adjective: synonyms
    robust, intense, complex, bold, strong, maple, caramel, malt

  • Light Honey • adjective: synonyms 
    fruity, delicate, buttery, soft, warm, golden, grassy